About Me

Neil KaplanHello, my name is Neil Kaplan,

I’ve been married to my lovely wife, Faith, since 2000.  Although we do not have children we have two beautiful dogs that are very much a part of the family.

My wife and I have traveled extensively.  Over the years we have visited over 35 countries and through my love of photography, I have created many lasting memories.

KIS Financial’s mission is to help families through all phases of life.  I teach them

  • How to achieve financial security, without having to deal with the risk of losing their hard earned assets in the stock market.
  • Show them how to pay for college without going broke.
  • In retirement I help them maximize their pension and social security.

My client’s receive secure, reliable, protection that will give them peace of mind and total confidence that their retirement savings will be there when they are ready to use it.

The strategy that I am introducing to many of my clients is called Bank on Yourself.  It has been known by many names over the years: Infinite Banking, Bank on Yourself, The Presidents Plan, 770 Plan, Cash flow Banking.  I practice what I preach and wish I knew about this strategy when I first came into the industry.  I have many happy clients because of this strategy.

As a licensed, trained professional advisor, I am honored to share this strategy with my clients and share my expertise to help you design a customized plan that will suit your needs, goals, and dreams, so you can live a better life, with the lifestyle you desire and deserve.