Welcome to the newly designed KISFinancial.net web page!

Welcome everyone to the newly designed kisfinancial.net web page.  I am excited to introduce you to alternative strategies that will help you and your family though all phases of life.

Two of the options I would like to highlight are guaranteed to earn you money annually, as well as assist you in reducing your out of pocket expenses for your children’s education.

  1. College Planning – I help my clients lower their expected family contribution (EFC).  When a family lowers their EFC they will receive more need-based aid.  I have a team of experts who will complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile.  This team will also provide SAT & ACT prep course to assist your child in increasing his/her test scores.   My team will negotiate with the college(s) of choice to maximize the aid and grants you are eligible to receive.  Upon receipt of a college offer, the team will review it and in turn will know when it is in your best interest to accept or appeal.   Please contact me if you are interested in attending an upcoming workshop.
  2. Alternative Wealth Building Strategies, such as Bank On Yourself, are guaranteed.  Bank On Yourself is a 100% liquid, secure and reliable.  This strategy has been around for over 150 years and was utilized by well known companies such as Walt Disney and J.C. Penney when they were not able to obtain a loan from a traditional bank during the great depression.  When positioned properly, this will provide you a reliable tax-free income that you can utilize as your own bank.

Please take a moment to set up an account on my website, at the bottom of the KIS Financial home page, and click on the Free Special Report from Bank On Yourself.

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