Medical/Health Insurance

We Can Help

KIS Financial can help you select an Individual or Family Medical Plan that is simple-to-use, has a comprehensive health feature that can provide you and your family with the comfort and peace of mind that comes with dependable health coverage.

Insurance Plans that Fit Your Budget

Whether you’re self-employed, a recent graduate, or you or your dependents don’t have group coverage, we can help. KIS Financial¬† offers a full range of medical and pharmacy plans to help keep you and your family well.

At KIS Financial  we understand the peace of mind medical insurance brings to your family financial security. We can help you determine the best medical plan to suite your budget.

Freedom of Choice – Plans

KIS Financial can offer you several types of medical insurance plans that allow you to choose:

  • Insured has the option to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to serve as a their personal physician and who can help coordinate all their health needs.
  • No need for referrals to see a specialists in/out of network. Insured chooses the in/out of network doctor and makes an appointment.
  • Insured has option to see any licensed physician of their choosing within or outside of the network – however, benefits are higher when care is received from a provider in the network.
  • All emergency care is covered 24 hours a day, no matter where the Insured receives care. You may go to any emergency facility, anywhere.

HMO and Network plans give you access to quality care from a broad network of participating physicians. Some of our HMO Plans allow Insured to visit in-network specialists without a referral from your Primary Care Physician.

Planning for your family’s medical health is important for their wellbeing; KIS Financial can help you find the right medical insuarnce plan for you and your family’s needs.

Medicare and healthcare insurance

For Retired Seniors

There is a lot of talk about Medicare and what it covers. At age 65 you automatically qualify for Medicare Part A if you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes while you were working. Medicare Part A and Part B are plans that almost all retirees can and should participate in.

Medicare Part A covers hospitalization. You will pay a deductible of $1288 for each annual benefit period — but you will have no monthly premiums. You need 40 quarters to be eligible.0

Medicare Part B covers all or a percentage of the costs of: services by doctors for outpatient hospital care, some mental-health services, laboratory fees and some other medical services like physical and occupational therapy and some home health care & some preventative screenings. It does not cover routine physical exams.

Medicare Part B will cover 80 percent of the Medicare approved amount for your medical services, and you will have to cover the balance of 20% plus the amount not cover by Medicare. Additionally, Medicare Part B has a premium that is generally under 104.90 (2016) with a deductible of $166.00 before Medicare pays 80%. Unlike private insurance, there is no limit on your out-of-pocket health care spending. Some studies indicate that Medicare only covers about 45 — 50 percent of your total medical costs.


Medicare Advantage

You must be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and paying your Medicare Part B premiums.
Medicare Advantage plans vary greatly. Your choices will depend on where you live, but some of the variables include:

  • Most plans are managed-care plans (HMOs) though fee-for-service plans are available in some areas
  • Some plans — will provide supplemental prescription drug coverage
  • Some plans — will provide supplemental vision care
  • Some plans — will provide supplemental dental care

More options can be found in a Medicare Advantage plan than in a Medigap plan. Medicare Advantage policies are not standardized — so comparison of plans is essential.

MediGap Insurance

Your other option for supplementing the benefits of Medicare Part A and B is a MediGap insurance policy. Medigap insurance policies are standardized and you have 10 levels of coverage to choose among.
Medigap insurance plans and their costs will vary depending on where you live.


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